I have been exceedingly busy lately! Not so much with gamedev, but with side projects and classes and video games and such. To those of you who stumble across this, thanks for still reading!

A decent amount of time has gone into me working on my own OS, as I sort of hinted at with that post back in December. That was about signalling hard disks to handle reading/writing requests among other things. PATA hard disks, no less, if I recall correctly!

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Quick update.

I made a game for Ludum Dare 25 last weekend. I’m actually not terribly proud of it, and am prying it apart in my head for what I did right (fairly little), and what I did wrong.

Also sitting in an air port being coo’ right now.

Also a hint at what I’ve been doing between classes and some SCEG development’ing lately:

Send a standard IDENTIFY command to the drive (0xEC). The drive should respond with an error in the ERR bit of the Status Register, and a pair of “signature bytes”. On the Primary ATA bus, you get the signature bytes by reading IO ports 0x1F4 and 0x1F5, and you should see values of 0x3C and 0xC3.


Let’s all wave at October

… as it just sort of breezes on by past us. It’s been just over a month since I last said anything. Again, classes, bus travel, reading more, all this sort of stuff takes up my time. But I’ve gotten stuff done lately! That image compression algorithm I’ve had in mind since starting Colonies? Done(ish)! A virtual machine with a visual output to see the state of all memory/cpu data at a glance? Happening!

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Video games make me lazy.

Sort of. Not really. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2, Diablo 3, League of Legends, all of that on and off mixed with my classes. I haven’t gotten actual work done lately. On the surface it feels like I’ve been procrastinating and avoiding working on SCEG, but really the whole situation is a bit sillier.

As you, the reader, may or may not know, I’ve been trying to get a level editor for SCEG working. The plan after that is to revisit the scripting system and get the rest of the -really important- things in. Like lasers and missiles and a decent UI ingame.

Ah yes, UI. Coincidentally the point at which I’ve stalled work on the level editor. The game-playing is more a result of this stalling of knowing-what-to-do. For the past few weeks I haven’t quite understood why. Last night I had an epiphany on this issue, however. I’d forgotten the point of UI, and why I was making it.

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From the abyss emerges an Iximeow!

Hi guys! I’ve been silent for the past two weeks! Sorry! First order of business; the initial Ludum Dare plans didn’t work out at all, but Sunday morning I was struck with inspiration to make a game and out came Monkeyectomy. It’s fun, it’s short, it’s sort of silly. In retrospect it feels like it belongs in a Wario Ware type of game, so that’s cool. Also turns out that by and large a lot of people enjoy it, so that’s freakin’ cool.

Went to PAX last week, that was also really freakin’ cool. I might actually post pictures or something one of these days.

And now you should find yourself wondering “But what about those games you’re making, Ixi?” If you are, I love you. If you aren’t, you’re still cool but just a little less. Classes started immediately after the Ludum Dare 24 stuff ended,  so I’ve been busy with that. I -did- get text boxes that wrap text to be inside them working. They also support culling text that goes outside the box, all sorts of justification of the text, and even resizeability.

Now that I have nice text boxes, I can get back to working on the SCEG level editor and ingame things that might use text. Like ship descriptions. Or help menus. Or level descriptions. Text descriptions. Lore. Chat (for eventual multiplayer, I swear ;_;)

ALSO added support for multiple fonts, so if I go crazy and make my own languages for non-human races (which I might, I love the idea) I can absolutely have entirely different sets of symbols. The fonts can even be different sizes! I really need to tidy up font loading and switching now, though.

About that video game development streaming…

http://www.twitch.tv/iximeow would be the link to watch me make video games through the weekend! I’ll probably have it up all 72 hours of the LD Jam, with exception to a bit of Monday where I have classes.

It may go out intermittently due to internet wonkiness, though. If it does, chances are refreshing the page should fix it.

Slight update to Ludum Dare stuff

The friend of mine who was initially going to help design and art things had to drop out for family reasons, so I’m going to be working with a slightly different set of people but still doing a Jam entry for the Ludum Dare this weekend.

I’ll also be doing a timelapse and stream of my development, I’ll post a link in a bit for anyone interested in watching. It should be up throughout the weekend!

Ludum Dare 24!

I’m doing it! And you might see more pro as heck sprite art! Or not, because I might not be doing the art. Either way, it starts in a week and I’m going to try to be better about updating my blog with in-progress info, and maybe a timelapse when I’m done but I’m still trying to figure that out.

The current plan is to do a Jam entry, actually, which means 72 hours and however many people as needed, because a few friends want to out-voice-act me and out-story-write me. As if they can, ha.

SCEG to-do list, August 17th, 2012 style.

So this post isn’t too much that’s interesting, I just want a list of things to do with SCEG that I can refer to and maybe even hold myself accountable to.

[ ] Level selection
[ ] More diverse script usage (being triggered due to ingame events, time delays, etc)
[ ] Beam weapon support (Do I cop out and have A—C—B do damage to the target [B] or deal damage to C since it’s in-between?)
[ ] Better tools (managing weapons/hardpoints is very hard right now)
[ ] Particle effects!
[ ] A working AI
[ ] Diplomacy system
[ ] Trade system
[ ] Polish the ship buliding system
[ ] Non-ship construction system entirely (jumpgates, shipyards and stations, solar harvesters)
[ ] Universe-at-a-glance map
[ ] Any sort of UI to hint at what you own and where it is
[ ] Fixing how physics is processed (the current ugly jitter is no good at all!)
[ ] Sound! There’s no sound except the BGM right now at all!
[ ] Un-break collision deteciton (The backing quadtree system is at fault here, actually)

There’s a ton more to be done, but this is the “short” list of what I want done by.. say, the end of this year.

What happened to working on Colonies?

Hey look what I found!

Summer is starting to come to a close, and that means that my experiment with Colonies is coming to an end. And not working on Colonies, I’ll have a lot of free time and such! Having free time, I can get back to working on whatever I happen to feel like, and right now I feel like SCEG.

Since SCEG and Colonies share a fair amount of code (namely graphics being the important part right now) and a lot of code was touched in my work with Colonies, it’s somewhat unsurprising that SCEG didn’t work at all when I first came back to it. So I’ve spent the past week fixing bugs and smoothing out some of the rendering process. It turns out that code from a year ago that keeps SCEG together is just not something I’m proud of anymore!

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